some natural ways to get rid of pimples fast

First Pimples cause:

  • There is a small hole inside the skin, due to which the pimple is formed after the block is made.
  • Inside these holes, there is a sebaceous gland that secretes the sticky substance called Sebum.
  • Typically the skin keeps releasing its old cells, these dead cells come in contact with the sticky sebum and block the pore.
  • In this way, sebum accumulates in the skin of the skin, which promotes bacteria.
some natural ways to get rid of pimples fast
some natural ways to get rid of pimples fast

What to do if you have pimples?

The stick treatment of pimples is near the dermatologist, who has more of the problems of pimples, is given the dose of Isotretinoin which treats many sticks.
But keeping in mind the question, we will talk about natural ways.

  1. Hydrate the skin

    1. Moisture is necessary for the skin if your skin is oily or anything. If the skin is oily in some part and dry in some part, then you have to use different moisturizers for both places.
    2. Water is important, you just increase the quantity of water and see the difference.
  1. Pay special attention to the cleanliness of pimpled skin.
    1. Whenever you go out, the clay sticks to the clay skin, it is necessary to clean. In cold days, we often forget to wash the skin lazily. Do not do this.
    2. You come from outside, wash well with lukewarm water and soap/whistle. This will help in opening the skin hole.
    3. Pillow shell open every day
  2. Pay attention to drinking:
    1. Your endeavor should always be that you eat the right food and try to understand the digestive system of your body. Be a little careful about what you are eating.
    2. For example, you are suggested to use lemons because vitamin C contained in it helps digestion of nutrition in the body during digestion, which is necessary for skin health.

Some things that will help spread and erase pimples.
  1. Apple vinegar is known for its antifungal and antibacterial properties. Dilute it in water and put it once a day. At the same time, the pH balance of the skin also helps in fighting bacteria.
  2. To hydrate the skin, allovera, honey, or milk is perfect, they do not help fight the pimples but reduce the irritation and inflammation due to the pimples.
  3. Egg White Pimples is very effective in reducing stains.
  4. As well as citrus fruits such as lemon, Vitamin C, there are properties of "Astringent" that bring swelling down considerably.
  5. By increasing the use of water, for nearly two years, I have increased the quantity of water and I have felt its positive effect in my body.

Pimples are mostly due to hormonal disturbances, the effect of pollution on the skin and lack of proper cleaning.
The essence of all the things written above is that: To clean skin and maintain skin moisture, to understand the type of food and digestion, and to use more quantity of water is necessary.
Note :
  • I would advise the readers that they should not use anything that is thoughtless on the Internet, assuming the truth on the Internet.
  • Pimples are not just on the face, sometimes pimples are also signs of any other disease, if something different is different, then it is definitely from a dermatologist.

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