World AIDS Day | top 10 symptoms of HIV AIDS | AIDS treatment |

Symptoms of HIV/AIDS are often not known at the similar stages of HIV/AIDS and the person who delays understanding HIV/AIDS symptoms before HIV/AIDS and its treatment, due to which minor symptoms can be increased only by HIV/AIDS Take the form of HIV/AIDS. So the first thing to know about the symptoms of HIV/AIDS is the most important.

World AIDS Day | the symptoms of HIV AIDS | AIDS treatment | symptom of HIV
World AIDS Day | 10 symptoms of HIV AIDS | AIDS treatment |

HIV/AIDS has become a major disease. Because AIDS sufferers lose their immune system, which is the natural resistance to infectious disease, due to bacteria and viruses. This is because HIV virus (which causes AIDS) resists blood in the blood and attacks lymphocytes. Due to which the number of lymphocytes decreases continuously, due to which the body's resistance to the immune system decreases or decreases. That helps in generating the initial symptoms of HIV/AIDS that occurs in the human body after those first symptoms of HIV/AIDS Could.

2. Signs and symptoms of HIV/AIDS

Signs and signs of AIDS AIDS treatment | symptom of HIV
World AIDS Day | 10 symptoms of HIV AIDS | AIDS treatment |

With the reduction of the immune system in the body of the victims of HIV/AIDStuberculosis diseases are so easily passed from the common cold and this is why it is difficult to treat them. It is not known in the symptoms of early stages of HIV/AIDS and it is late in treating the person. This is the reason why it is important to know about symptoms of early stages of HIV / AIDS.

Generally, HIV/AIDS is a disease spreading through blood transfusion (which is bacterial and virus) caused by the lack of WBC in the bloodWBC can reduce the chances of pain in body parts or joints of HIV / AIDS sufferers HIV is also common in women and HIV/AIDS symptoms are common and the symptoms of HIV / AIDS of men are similar to those of womenHIV/AIDS is only common among women that HIV/AID Characteristics of running (because it is a genetic disease) and people suffering from this disease is Agresti only other breed. Because this is the spread of insecure infected partner  connections)

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3.A dry cough

A dry cough can be one of the symptoms of HIV/AIDS and it is not getting better due to early treatment because if someone is not able to coughcough is all the time in the mouth. The test of mouth is so bad. So if you can have one of the symptoms of HIV/AIDS, then immediately hurry up the HIV/AIDS test (ELISA test).

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4. Stress in the muscles and a sense of disorder

If someone feels anything like a tension or disorder in the muscles without doing any heavy work or physical work, then it may be one of the earliest symptoms of HIV/AIDS, do not ignore it and go to your doctor or health care center immediately. Because it is also the starting signs of HIV / AIDS

                                 5. Exhaustion or tiredness at all times

Exercising physical work is exhausting but without feeling too exhausted or feeling exhausted at all times without any work, it is also one of the symptoms of HIV/AIDS, so feel more tiredness or tiredness at all times than in the past days. The similar symptoms can be.


Throat complication often happens when you drink less water. But if HIV/AIDS is one of the potential symptoms, then this. There is another reason for HIV/AIDS, because of the problem of drinking enough water, it can be one of the problems of a serious throat and it can be a possible cause of HIV / AIDS.

                                        7. Gutted pain on the body

Even if the initial symptoms of HIV / AIDS are present or seen, then there may be swelling or painless gilt on the body, especially if it is painful, it can be on any of the painless gilt throat, armpits or thighs.

8. decrease weight immediately

Generally, the body weight of the person suffering from HIV/AIDS does not lose weight, but it has a different effect on the body, and suddenly the weight gets reduced. If no weight is lost by 10 percent of the total load weight without any major reason, then check it immediately. It may be the initial symptoms of HIV/AIDS.

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9.fever for a long time

Generally, whenever there is a fever, there is the main reason for this. But if fever is feeling every two to three days, it can be one of the earliest cases of HIV/AIDS, even after a fever or a month Staying more fever can be the first symptoms of HIV / AIDS.

10.Pain and swelling in head and joints

According to the age of delay, the pain in the joints and swelling or pain in the head is a light pain every time. And this pain rests in the morning and gradually increases the pain in the evening, then it is the beginning symptoms of HIV/AIDS. So, you need strict HIV/AIDS testing. As far as possible, the test of HIV/AIDS is done quickly.

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