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Zika virus symptoms in people who have leukocyte from the Zika virus will be nearly normal or only mild normal symptoms.
Some of the common symptoms of Zika include here
How long does Zika virus symptoms,Zika virus symptoms
Zika virus symptoms
1.general fever, rashes,
4.pain of conjunctivitis eyes
6.muscle pain

How long does Zika have symptoms

The symptoms of Zika are similar lighter for many days with up to a week of symptoms. People are not usually sick enough to go to the hospital, and they rarely die of Zika. For this main reason, nearabout totally people may not know that they are infected with Zika virus disease.
The symptoms of Zika are usually to other viruses spread through mosquito bites, such as Dengue and chicken unit.

How quickly should you be tested for Zika virus

Zoka virus usually lasts for approximately one week in the person's blood. If you develop symptoms and you recently visited Zika risk areas then see your doctor or other healthcare service provider. Your doctor or other healthcare service provider may order a blood test for Zika or other similar viruses such as Dengue or chicken unit.
Once a person is infected with Zika virus, it is likely to be preserved in future infection.

When you go Doctor or Healthcare Provider for the check-up

contact your doctor and tell him about Zika virus or go other healthcare service provider if you have the symptoms Zika virus described above and have visited an area with risk of Zika.
This is very important if you are pregnant.  Be sure to tell your doctor about Zika virus or other healthcare service provider where you traveled.

what do if you think you have Zika
1. Contact your doctor or other healthcare service provider for a diagnosis Zika virus check-up.
2. Learn what you can do for Zika treatment.
3. Know more about how you can save others if you have Zika.


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