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The practice of allergy has become overly complicated and complex, it is essentially a very simple subject, and unfortunately, some of its most effective treatment has all but forgotten. 

Beat The Itches And Drips  Health Care Tips  Online Health Fitness Tips
how Beat The Itches And Drips | Health Care Tips | Online Health Fitness Tips
Here are some of treatments, tips, explanations, and opinions of a doctor.


When people are allergic to a substance, there is a certain level of exposure they can tolerate before symptoms appear. Exceed that threshold and up pop the symptoms. Most people already understand that the same amount of pollen can bother one allergic person and not another.

Sickness work the same

Allergy injections do not get rid of your allergy to a substance-they raise your threshold so that you can tolerate more of the substance before you experience allergy symptoms. But a virus has almost the same effect, temporarily. It is not unusual to see allergic skin lotion clear or respiratory symptoms disappear during a virus attack. Surgery or other major trauma, such as breaking a bone, almost invariably shuts down allergy symptoms as well.

Allergy symptoms

All allergic symptoms are a combination of three basic effects. There is welling, particularly of the skin and mucous membrane. There is an increase in the secretion of mucus, especially in the respiratory tract. And, less important, there is the spasm of smooth muscle where smooth muscle exists.

Alcohol augments allergies

Alcohol is also not an allergen. But it does act to congest the nasal passages. In someone with allergic rhinitis, it adds to the edema already present due to allergies. Some people with allergies are unable to drink at all because of the intense nasal congestion that alcohol produces.


A lot of people claim to be allergic to tobacco smoke. There are cases of true tobacco allergy, but they always involve physical contact with the raw leaf. Cigarette smoke can make you a cough, sneeze, but it is not an allergy and allergy treatments would not prevent it or clear it up.

Pups no problem

Very young animals have no old skin to shed and therefore have no dander. It usually takes a couple of months before such pets produce their allergen, which may explain why some people ‘suddenly’ become allergic to a dog or cat they got as a pup or kitten.

Wool worries

Good quality domestic wool is processed to be dander-free; it is not allergenic. However, it is irritating to many people and not just those with allergies. Wool from Third World countries is not treated after it is taken from the animal. This kind of wool can contain a lot of dander and cause serious allergy problems.

Pillow power

All pillows must be synthetic Dacron to be the most comfortable substitute for feather pillow. Forget allergy encasing. They do not work well on pillow unless the zipper is airtight, and that makes the pillow like a balloon since the air can’t escape.

Blanket protection

Wool blankets are not only irritating, but they are also notorious dust collectors. Synthetic blankets should be used since they do not collect dust as readily. Down comforters, of course, must be removed.

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